Hemp Oil : Can it improve the condition of your skin?

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Today, I'm going to be revealing a brand new skincare product I've been working and experimenting with for myself. I've been promoting jojoba oil for years, and I still do love it, but I now have a new favourite that I've been using everyday.

It's organic hemp seed oil and honestly, I don't know why I haven't used it earlier. I had a boyfriend some three years ago that would use it everyday and I just watched him use it! I tried it a little bit at the time, but there were other things I was working with and experimenting with. Recently however I came across some new information and it kind of made sense and it really clicked for me.

Hemp Seed Oil for Skin

I started to try organic hemp oil on my skin and it is incredible, amazing, for a few reasons. First of all it has a comedogenic rating of zero (zero!) which means it cannot clog your pores. Jojoba oil, while it does mimic skin sebum production, has a comedogenic rating of two - and while that's still in the safe range, zero is so much better. It won't clog your pores so it's perfectly safe to use on your skin.

Another really, really awesome thing about hemp seed oil is it has a very high content of linoleic acid. Our skins' natual sebum actually contains linoleic acid and when our body is deficient in this, then the sebum is lacking with it too. This is when sebum gets really dry and hard and has more of a tendency to get stuck. However when we're adding linoleic acid to our diet through taking hemp seed oil internally, and through our skin externally, we're making the sebum much softer and smoother and therefore it's a lot easier for it to come out.

It's important that I mention here that sebum is a really good thing. It's our friend, not our enemy. Sebum helps to keep our skin moisturised, it's what keeps our skin looking youthful. Sebum is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, so we want to keep that sebum but we want it to be healthy. We don't want it to be produced in excess and we don't want it to get stuck in our pores.

When we're producing sebum at healthy levels it's really good for our skin. However when we start producing less (particularly when women go through menopause) this causes our skin to become drier and thinner. We want to keep that sebum around, but we want it to have high linoleic acid content. Hemp seed oil is around 57 percent linoleic acid, so it's a great addition to our skincare and also into our diet.

Another great thing I love about hemp seed oil is that it's green in colour, so for those of us who have like really red skin, or red spots from acne, then using it can actually help to minimise that red colour which is really great. I also recently saw someone online who was adding a mineral powder foundation to hemp seed oil -  mixing it up to a light paste and using that as a moisturiser to have this basic very light coverage. You could definitely try this, I've experimented with a little bit, but I haven't really got the mix quite right yet. Just have a go and see how you find it.

You use hemp seed oil the same as you would jojoba oil for example - just as a normal cleanser and moisturiser. This is not the oil cleansing method, it's as easy as wetting your face in the shower or sink, getting some oil in your hand, and putting it on like a normal cleanser, then washing it off.

When you wash it off you want to be careful not to scrub at it - we don't want to make our skin dry. You'll probably feel like there's a lot of oil residue on your skin still. This is totally fine and it's going to soak in. It's perfectly safe, keep remembering that it has a comedogenic rating of zero and all the amazing nutrients in it help to heal your skin.

Hemp Oil for dry Skin

If you exfoliating after you cleanse, I really like to use the hemp seed oil again after because it keeps my skin really nice and hydrated. I want to keep those nutrients from the hemp seed oil on, so if your skin is feeling at all dry or tight in any way after you towel dry then put a little bit more of the hemp seed oil in your hand and lightly cover your skin.

This is super important as we don't want to have dry flaky skin. It's a real myth that dry skin helps to heal acne, it doesn't. Dry skin actually helps to create acne because the dry flakes can get stuck in pores, and then sebum might get stuck in there too. This is really what starts acne (it's not the root cause, but it is an end result of root causes) and we want to do everything possible to avoid dry, hard sebum getting stuck in those pores.

So that's the hemp seed oil! It's my new favourite skincare treatment that I've been using for well over a month now with awesome results. My skin has definitely become a lot softer and the quality is improved as well so super exciting!

Last but not least, Hemp seed oil doesn't contain any of the chemicals in hemp (cannabis) that you can get you high, however some countries are a little bit cautious about it so be sure to double check your local laws if you're ordering outside of Western Europe or America. 

Let me know how you get on in the comments!

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