Cannabidiol CBD : Finding the best strength for you

Cannabidiol CBD - What's the best strength for me?

We regularly receive lots of amazing feedback from our customer base, and one of the best things about being part of CBD Oil Base is reading about your experiences and receiving your feedback. There are lots of reasons people turn to Cannabidiol in the UK, and it's truly a privilege to have such a valuable link to thousands of early UK CBD adopters. Having such a strong bond also makes it easier for us to identify common questions, with the most frequent of all being "how do I know what strength is right for me?" So this week we decided to write a little about it.

There are two main reasons why people ask us to help them find the right CBD strength. The most common reason is people asking "which strength is suitable for [symptom]?" As anyone who has asked us this question has discovered, we are unable to provide recommendations or advice for using CBD to treat, prevent, or cure illnesses or disease. We're unable to answer these questions directly because of government regulation (more on that in a later blog post) which means we can only provide general information about what would be considered a low strength, medium strength, and so on.

The second reason we get asked about strength is from people who have just started consuming CBD products, and sometimes they're feeling a little disappointed at not getting the desired results. If this is you, or if you've felt disappointed after using CBD in the past, it's really important to not to be too disheartened. The most common reason for this is simply down to taking a CBD product that isn't the right potency or concentration.

The most important thing in these cases, is to persevere in trying to find the concentration best suitable for you. We have lots of CBD products that cover a wide range of strengths and applications, and we understand that it can get confusing, especially if you have just started with CBD. So, without further ado, here are our top tips to help you to find the correct strength:



CBD - Consistency is key


Consistency is key

Any achievement requires consistency of efforts, and this is also true for CBD. To experience the full benefits of CBD, the first important piece of advice is to follow the manufacturers guidelines, which is usually to take it every day. Make supplementing your endocannabinoid system part of your daily routine and take at the same time every day.



CBD - Be patient


Be patient

Any supplement requires a little time to show the full results, so it's important to be patient and not to judge the effects after only a few days. Going from both our own experiences, and those of our customers, some effects you may notice reasonably quickly, however the full benefits should start to become prominent after 4-6 weeks. Even after this time has passed, it's still important to not judge the benefits in a hurry. Take your time and evaluate in a relaxed atmosphere. For example, we really started to appreciate the full benefits after 1-2 months of combining CBD and yoga.



Try a CBD diary


Keep a CBD diary

Keeping a diary is a great practice for many reasons, though in this case it will help to measure the progress towards the desired results over a period of time. Looking back on how you have been feeling will let you know whether you are achieving the results you're looking for with a particular strength. It's at this point of reflection that you will be able to evaluate whether the strength of CBD you are using is the right one.


So, how do you define strengths?

This is the hardest part for us, as it's no secret that everyone is different. Everyone's body responds differently to different things, but here are our basic strength guidelines:


0 - 2.5% (Low strength CBD)

This is by far the most common starting point when trying CBD for the first time, and we highly recommend starting low and working your way up strength if required. Supplementing your endocannabinoid system is a long-term commitment, so there's really no need to jump straight in at the highest strength you can before you have fully evaluated the starting point.

2.5 - 10% (Medium strength CBD)

Although low strengths are the most common starting point, it's these medium strength products where most people will find that balance. It's also where you'll find the widest range of choice - there are so many different types of medium strength CBD products.

10% + (High strength CBD)

Here is generally where you find the long-term advocates, and also the most specialist products, however we feel it's important to say that these people are usually a long way down the road of their CBD journey and have fully evaluated low and medium strengths over a long period of time. It may seem logical to jump straight in to the high strengths to feel the maximum effects, but this really is not necessary for most people. If you are using a high strength CBD product, we would love for you to reach and and share your journey with us, please say hello at


So there you have it! In short, start low and work your way up over time. Supplementing your endocannabinoid system with cannabidiol is a long term investment in yourself, a journey which will improve your wellness and wellbeing along the way.


Have you found this useful? Maybe you kept a diary when you first started out and would like to share your experience? We'd love to hear from you - please get in touch with us at

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